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From their workshop in Bedford, NMT Garage Services and their team of professional, experienced mechanics provide an unrivaled replacement exhaust service. Although modern cars are less likely to experience problems with their exhaust systems, there are still a number of cars on the road that may be in need of exhaust repairs or replacement. Our team are extremely efficient in identifying any problems and amending the issue in a quick and cost effective manner, making us one of the most reliable garages in the area of Bedford and Buckinghamshire.

There are a number of reasons as to why your exhaust may need to be replaced. A blowing exhaust may point towards a hole or a crack, which subsequently allows fumes to escape through the middle of the exhaust system. Problems such as this can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT, so getting a faulty exhaust repaired or replaced as soon as possible is the best course of action. Aside from the MOT, a faulty exhaust can cause dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide to enter the car, so eliminate the risk and bring your car in to see us if you suspect your exhaust is damaged or faulty.

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How can you tell if your exhaust is blowing?

One method for determining whether your exhaust is blowing or not is to put a cloth over the system and apply a small amount of revs. Keep an ear out for any air escaping the system and, if the hole is large, you will be able to hear any differences in sound. If any of these signs are displayed then you may well be in need of a replacement exhaust system, and our garage in Bedford is the perfect place for this procedure.

We use the best tools and equipment for our replacement exhaust systems, ensuring that the new and improved exhaust is installed with maximum reliability by our team of mechanics.

Our workshop is based off Windsor Road, 2 miles out of the city centre of Bedford. To find out more about our replacement exhaust systems from our garage in Bedford, contact us today on 01234 355 888 or use our online form and speak to a member of our team.

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