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From their workshop in Bedford, NMT Garage Service provide replacement exhausts. It is less common for modern cars to require a replacement exhaust system, however older cars and some newer cars do require this at some point during their life.

One reason you might need to replace your exhaust is because it’s blowing. A blowing exhaust is essentially an exhaust that has a hole or crack in it, allowing fumes to escape through the middle of the exhaust system. If this is the case, your car may fail it’s MOT, depending on how severe it is and it can potentially lead to dangerous fumes entering the car, so it’s definitely something that should be fixed.

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How can you tell if your exhaust is blowing?

One method of determining if your exhaust is blowing is putting a cloth over the tip of your exhaust (taking care, as this can be hot) and applying a small amount of revs. You should then listen for any air escaping from the system. Additionally, if the hole or crack in your exhaust is large, you will be able to notice a significant change is the sound of your exhaust.

We use the best equipment and tools in our exhaust replacements, ensuring that exhaust systems are installed for maximum reliability, by our team of expert mechanics.

Our workshop is based on Windsor Road, just off Mile Road, 2 miles from the centre of Bedford. For your quote please call 01234 355 888. As well as exhaust replacements, we also carry out MOT tests, car servicing, car repairs and replacement tyres.

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