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NMT Garage Services offer an exceptional tyre replacement service in Bedford and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced mechanics will be able to fit your tyres while you wait, or leave your car with us and you can pick it up once all the work is done and dusted.

Your car may be in need of some new tyres if you notice they are balding and if your steering and braking is affected.

When should you change your tyres?

It is important to regularly check your tyres and make sure that they are not below the legal tread depth of 1.6mm, however, it is safer and more efficient to change your tyres around the 3mm mark. Bald tyres can affect your fuel efficiency and can also put you at more risk of an accident. If you notice the tread depth on your tyres is low, head down to our garage in Bedford and get them changed over.

There are a number of checks you can carry out at home to make sure your car is safe and road legal. Check to see if it is breaking evenly, check the tread depth of your tyres and make sure your tyres are also inflated to the correct level. You can find this out in your car's logbook.

At our Bedford garage, we are also to monitor the tracking and balancing on your car and amend any faults to make sure your tyres wear evenly and make sure your car handles properly.

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How do you know if your wheels need balancing?

There is a simple and easy way of checking to see if your wheels need balancing. Turn your wheel to full lock and you will be able to compare one side of your tyre to the other. If one side is significantly thinner than the other, then they may need aligning.

Our team of experienced and professional mechanics will be willing and able to carry out any and all of these tasks to a high standard and a respectable, competitive price.

We are conveniently based on Mile Road in Bedford, making us easy to reach for anyone who lives or works in Bedford.

If you need your tyres changing, head down to our garage and get the problem resolved.

As well as changing tyres, we also offer car repairs, full MOT and servicing, as well as fitting exhausts. No matter what you need, NMT Garage Services have got you covered.

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